Influencer Marketing: the Cream Blogger Network

19 Dec, 2016, by Amber Timbrell and Carla Burgess

It’s hardly surprising that influencer marketing is growing in popularity.

A recommendation from a trusted source is the most powerful marketing tool. And an influencer can deliver trusted recommendations to thousands of followers in a matter of seconds.

But there are problems in this fast growing field that need to be addressed.

The first is that ‘super bloggers’ – those that number social media followers in the hundreds of thousands or even millions – are starting to lose their lustre. As their success grows, their appeal wanes for their followers. They’re no longer ‘someone like them’. They’ve crossed the threshold into the world of celebrity. And their feeds are treated with increasing cynicism as their followers see sponsored post after sponsored post.

Secondly, brands just aren’t getting value the way things are working at the moment. They have to commission these super bloggers via talent networks, and entry level fees are high. On top of that brands often have to pay exhorbitant re-usage fees on top. And for all this investment, they have very little control over the content created and often very little information about how the activity has performed. We know – we’ve faced all of these issues when working with talent networks on behalf of our clients.

These problems spurred us to take action – creating our own blogger network.

Our Cream Blogger Network consists of influencers across 6 sectors – fashion & lifestyle, fitness, travel, family, male lifestyle and beauty.

We’ve chosen bloggers with who have built a more intimate community so they still inhabit the same worlds as their followers, and therefore remain relatable and trusted. This is reflected in our average campaign engagement rates which are 250% higher than campaigns with talent networks for the equivalent spends and reach.

Our talent recommendations are based purely on the client’s requirement – we don’t have any agreements with our bloggers that might compromise our impartiality. Client’s have a much larger role in the content creation process and have ultimate sign off on the content. They also have the reassurance that the blogger can’t work with competitor brands for an agreed period – so brands are able to build a longer term relationship with our bloggers which seems more genuine in the eyes of their followers.

The fact that we’re a media and marketing agency rather than a one dimensional talent network also means we can take a multichannel approach. For example, our close relationships with publishers means we can amplify content across premium fashion and lifestyle magazines and sites. And re-usage fees are built into the agreement, so clients can publish the content themselves without extra outlay.

We’ve been running campaigns on the Cream Blogger Network for the past year and the results have proven the effectiveness of our approach. This year’s Mother’s Day campaign with premium jeweller Pandora delivered content dwell times 4 times higher than previous blogger activity with networks and delivered 11 times more site visits, 88% of which were from new visitors.

After a period of testing the Cream Blogger Network with exclusively Cream clients, we’re now making it available to any premium and luxury brand that wants to try a different, more authentic approach to influencer marketing.

To find out more, call Josie Colter on 020 7478 4478 or email