Cream Breakfast: The Changing Language of Luxury in 2017

23 Feb, 2017

On Wednesday 1st February 2017 Cream held its second round table forum amongst The Gallery of Reprobates at The Beaumont, Mayfair, discussing some of the most prevalent tensions facing luxury brands in their marketing communications.

This group of steadfast and experienced luxury experts from both traditional and digital spaces came together in a convivial fashion to push the category further; and paradoxically put the very definition of ‘luxury’ under pressure itself.

The reason for the breakfast was to try to define how brands can navigate a changed luxury landscape. The desires of affluent audiences have diversified and evolved beyond recognition, as have their modes of interaction, and their expectations from brands. The language on which luxury traded to seduce has now become pastiche; and it is imperative for brands and marketers to rethink their positioning in the luxury brand trajectory, ranging from luxury taxi services and high-end restaurant food delivery, to private yachts and diamond watches.

During the course of the morning it became clear that honouring your craft and heritage is as important as future gazing. Across both it is more a question of thinking about what education, experience, and poeticism your brand can offer to the world.

The most successful brands are moving towards this state of poeticism; where they challenge and inspire their consumers emotionally and spiritually. This requires passion, creativity, and perpetual innovation. This breakfast revealed that the opportunity for luxury brands and growing the right audiences have never been more plentiful if you can understand your own unique proposition, and your target audiences’ motivations and aspirations.


See below for a full summary of the key take-outs, thoughts and quotes.