Modern day canvases in London: 5 trends in out-of-home advertising

Brands hoping to capture the attention of increasingly sophisticated and skeptical consumers should prioritise new, creative, and surprising canvases for their advertising messages. This is not only a pertinent challenge for brands targeting more mainstream audiences, but also those targeting affluent individuals. Whilst luxury brands have always been synonymous with exclusivity, their guarded and distant approach to communication has fallen…

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The Netflix of News: What does Apple News’ latest update spell for publishers?

According to reports in the Wall Street Journal, Apple is set to announce a bundled subscription service which offers access to unlimited content from partner publishers, for a set monthly fee. In effect, this would enable Apple News users to bypass the need to carry multiple paid for subscriptions with individual news publishers.   From a brand positioning point of…

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Luxury Daily: Cream’s campaign for jeweller Bucherer targeting self-purchasing women

Fine jewellery has long been synonymous with romantic gifting – traditional and elite. We might think of Titanic’s heart of the ocean as emblematic: a man secures the clasp of a heavy necklace around his fiancé’s neck, and that necklace is to be stored in a safe to be worn, at the very most, twice in a lifetime. For decades…

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Redefine Pretty – Tackling diversity in the influencer industry

Diversity within the fashion & beauty industry (or lack thereof) is never far from the centre of industry discourse. Following the new wave of intersectional feminism, we have seen female consumers in particular, demand increased realism and diversity in talent casting from brands; however influencer marketing is now also under the microscope.   Em Ford’s new project ‘Redefine Pretty’ is…

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Promoting and managing a luxury brand with the use of influencers and collaboration

*This is a write up of a panel hosted with renowned law firm Farrer & Co consisting of a group of experts specialising in the luxury market*   Managing a luxury brand has never been harder and more complex than it is today. Digitisation has seen even the strongest of brands have to adapt and change to meet the needs…

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ABC results January-June 2017: The Dead Canary

The ABC results for January to June 2017 have been released, signalling the next 6 months of trading viability for titles. Circulation, whether it be print or digital, is always the bellwether of brand health.  It also offers insight into changing consumer behaviours and succinctly illustrates the new ways through which audiences seek information and inspiration. Total Combined Circulation (average…

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How Voice will reshape Luxury Consumer Behaviour

The imminent voice revolution is going to dramatically change how people search for information. What behaviours should luxury brands be trying to inspire their affluent consumers to take using voice? Voice is the new interface into the world. From Amazon Echos to Apple Homepods and the Essential Home, there’s no question as to whether voice is applicable to the luxury…

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Luxury Lessons for the Mainstream: How to Revitalise the Point of Purchase

The consumer journey for luxury brands is a precious alchemy; a slower, more considered layer of interactions than its fast-moving mass-market counterparts. If mainstream brands are to eke out optimum purchase, they should learn from luxury brands who are mastering brand-consumer interactions. First, they must identify the guiding principles underpinning those interactions, and we believe a starting point can be…

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The End of Lying: the New Transparency in Luxury & Politics

There has been a fundamental change in the role of the consumer. Mass digitisation and the democratisation of all information have irreversibly changed the way individuals interact with the world around them. Modern consumers are now empowered to discover their own tastes, opinions and preferences; rather than being hugely impressionable to the powers of everything from well worded political manifestos…

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Is the New Middle-Eastern Shopper Sending Luxury Down the Silk Road?

According to Luxia, the Global Hotel Media platform, this summer will see a rise in Middle Eastern guests, who armed with a favourable ‘Brexit’ exchange rate and sophisticated tastes could give luxury brands the lion-share of overseas shoppers’ attention. With a worrying number of British retailers set to move into administration this summer; Jaeger and Agent Provocateur being just two, luxury brands…

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The Video Opportunity for Luxury Brands

Luxury brands have long been plagued by the inability to truly master video – views and shares are low in comparison to more mainstream counterparts, and achieving widespread resonance has proved elusive. This is a reflection of the market – affluent and high net worth audiences are time poor, low in numbers, and security conscious. The opportunity for luxury brands…

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The End of the Guilty Purchase: Luxury Brands & Environmental Responsibility

Luxury purchases were once status-symbols above all else. For decades the luxury world seemed to be one of superyachts, diamond-encrusted watches, “it” bags and big brand logos. As news of hellish sweatshop conditions, devastating pollution, animal cruelty and blood diamonds became more and more prevalent, luxury purchases became intrinsically linked with guilt. Over recent years, flaunting heavily-branded luxury goods has…

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June to December 2016 Magazine ABCs: The Highlights

The ABC results have been published for the period July – December 2016, and have thrown up some interesting insights which allow us to gauge the magazine market and wider context for readers’ behaviours and trends. Immediately below is a ‘speed-read’ summary of overall trends, with a more detailed breakdown by sector following this: Continuing the trend of current years…

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