Facebook’s Bright Future Obscured by Dark Clouds

In a tougher than expected year for US tech companies, Facebook continues to be the investment community’s darling. So what could go wrong? Their latest results – sales up 52% year on year to $5.38 billion and profits up 200% to $1.51 billion – shattered all analysts expectations. And it’s not hard to see why they’re doing so well. Remarkable…

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Four Fascinating Facts About Fashion eCommerce

With the stuttering arrival of summer and the uncertainty over Brexit, fashion sales have been floundering. The high street has suffered the most while online sales have continued to climb, year on year. Getting to grips with ecommerce has never been more important for fashion brands – whatever segment of the market they’re targeting – and a new Affiliate Window…

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The Case for Influencer Marketing Grows Stronger

While the theoretical argument for influencer marketing has always been strong, where’s the proof? We assume people trust recommendations from real people significantly more than they trust advertising and promotion from brands. But marketers are being driven to be ever more pragmatic beasts, and theoretical is no good without some hard proof of return on investment. Well two studies in the…

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Facebook Canvas – Will It Lure More Luxury Spend to Mobile?

If you compare the time spent on mobile devices with the proportion of luxury brand budgets spent on the channel, mobile advertising is clearly an area of chronic under-investment. However, it’s not difficult to see why – there’s simply a lack of premium formats which luxury marketers feel are suitable for showcasing their products. But Facebook Canvas may be able to change all that….

More 28 Apr, 2016

The 5 Keys to Unlocking the UK Lingerie Market

Competition in the UK lingerie market is hotting up. Partly because the market is getting crowded; the arrival of US lingerie juggernaut Victoria’s Secret in 2012, hot on the heels of the launch of Theo Paphitis’ Boux Avenue, certainly turned up the competition dial. But it’s not just the specialists – fashion brands like Topshop and Forever 21 are getting in…

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Could the Rise of Ad Blocking Be a Good Thing?

I recently read a piece of research by emarketer with a statistic that rather intrigued me. Conducted by RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age, it’s headline findings were that 78% of marketers believed ad blocking had a negative impact on the programmatic advertising eco-system. No surprises there. But what about the other 22%? Well, 14% of them expected it to…

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The Missing Link in Luxury Watch Marketing

Have you ever purchased a luxury watch? It can be a daunting experience. For the uninitiated, it can feel like entering a world where all the locals speak an unintelligible language. Should you opt for hand-wound or automatic, for example? If an automatic, would it be prudent to purchase a winder? What complications should you invest in (and how exactly do…

More 23 Mar, 2016

Pandora’s Snapchat Campaign: How Well Did It Work?

Back in December, we posed the question ‘Snapchat: Is it Relevant for Premium & Luxury Brands?’ Our answer was ‘yes, if used in the right way.’ So when we saw an opportunity to use the messaging platform for one of our clients – and as we believe in practicing what we preach – we seized it. The client was Pandora…

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3 Ways Fashion Marketing is Changing

After the blur of competing social media initiatives surrounding each round of fashion weeks, it’s time to take a step back and look at the broader trends shaping fashion marketing. And they’re significant – from changes in the social media landscape to fundamental shifts in the very nature and purpose of the fashion weeks themselves. Here are the 3 trends that we…

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Scent Beyond Sex: How Luxury Fragrance Marketing is Changing

For decades, gender stereotypes have dominated fragrance marketing. Florals have been marketed exclusively to women, with female models pouting amidst symbols of traditional femininity – everything from gowns to gems and roses to pink backdrops. Men’s fragrances, meanwhile, have used dark colour palettes, stark black and white images, and women as mere window dressing. But it hasn’t always been like…

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Travel Magazine ABCs – July to December 2015

So how are the travel mags shaping up? As a market sector, Holiday and Travel is performing well, showing YoY growth of 2% in print and 49% in digital, resulting in a combined total average circulation of 376,203. Although PoP has declined, the Holiday and Travel sector increased YoY. The increase in YoY circulation suggests a positive trend across all…

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Home Interest Magazine ABCs – July to December 2015

The Home Interest sector has arguably experienced the most widespread YoY decline according to the July – December 2015 circulation figures. However the majority of titles have only seen marginal decreases – with World of Interiors actually experiencing a slight increase. 25 Beautiful Homes has seen the largest decrease YoY, with its combined circulation dropping 15% in this period –…

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Has the Magazine Sector Discovered the Secret to Increasing Circulations?

A quick glance at the recently released magazine ABCs for H2 2015 and you’d be forgiven for thinking that nothing had changed – overall circulation down 2.2% (print and digital) amongst our selection of 38 titles of relevance to the premium and luxury sector, print circulation down 2% and digital editions down 10.6%. Same old, same old. But closer examination and…

More 26 Feb, 2016
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