What Are Our Digital Predictions for 2016?

It’s the question we get asked most often – what are going to be the key digital trends in the coming year? The past few years have seen the ascension of social media, and the importance of mobile transcending that of laptops and desktops. Adoption cycles are shortening and luxury marketers have their eyes fixed on the horizon for the…

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How Should Luxury Brands Approach Digital?

I read a piece of research recently from the Altagamma-McKinsey Digital Luxury Experience Observatory that contained one rather astounding statistic. Nearly all luxury buyers – 95% to be precise – are digitally connected via a smartphone. That’s not just in the UK – where the figure is 100% – that’s globally. Of course, I’d expected that figure to be high…

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SnapChat: Is It Relevant for Luxury Brands?

Dismissed by many as purely a sexting tool for teens, SnapChat has been placed squarely on the luxury marketer’s agenda by Burberry, who’ve used the image messaging platform not once, but twice in recent months. So should SnapChat be a ‘must use’ channel for luxury brands, or will Burberry’s involvement with it prove to be as ephemeral in its nature…

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5 Fantastically Innovative Uses of Digital Outdoor

Outdoor advertising has never been in ruder health. Spend on out of home is forecast to grow by 6.3% this year and by another 4.7% in 2016. The catalyst? The growth in the number of digital screens. Almost one quarter of outdoor spend is digital and, with digital advertising inventory set to raise by 40% in the next five years,…

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Pinterest: Why It’s Becoming Hard for Luxury Marketers to Ignore

It’s easy to overlook Pinterest. Stories of Instagram’s rapid rise, and speedy transition into an advertising medium, coupled with news of the constant innovation at Facebook and Twitter have a habit of squeezing the image-based network out of the headlines. But to overlook Pinterest would be a mistake. Why? Because, for certain sectors of the luxury industry at least, it…

More 17 Nov, 2015

Apple Pay: Why It’s An Exciting Opportunity for Marketers

Nobody’s managed to crack mobile payments yet. But if anyone can, it’s Apple. And let’s hope that Apple Pay does, because it opens up lots of interesting opportunities for marketers. In September 2014, at the same event that revealed the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple announced the imminent arrival of Apple Pay in the US. By 20th October,…

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What’s In Store for Retailers this Christmas?

There’s no disputing the importance of the festive season for retailers, but what should you hope for this year? Figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest that as much as half of retail sales and profits are generated in the 3 months leading up to Christmas. But every Christmas is different and although there’s no shortage of research to tell…

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Why Making Your Customers Lives Easy is the Trend to Master

With a bulging inbox and a back-to-back calendar, it’s tough to find the time to keep up with technology trends. It’s tougher still to work out which ones you should care about now, and which can be filed ‘For Future Reference. Well, I can tell you now there’s really only one trend to focus on at the moment: minimising customer effort. The significance…

More 23 Oct, 2015

Mobile Used for Luxury Research But Not Purchase? Think Again.

Back in the early days of Cream News, I remember penning an article entitled Will 2010 be the Year of Mobile? Well 2010 wasn’t, but 2015 undoubtedly is. This is the year that, according to Ofcom, the smartphone officially become the ‘go to’ device for consumers to connect to the internet. In fact, 33% of Ofcom’s sample saw their smartphone…

More 22 Oct, 2015

5 Social Insights in Luxury Fashion

Although primarily a showcase for their social listening software, Brandwatch’s Social Insights on the Luxury Fashion Industry does contain some useful insights into how luxury fashion brands use social media, who their audiences are and what those audiences are talking about. Here are 5 snippets from the report that we think you’ll find interesting: 1. Chanel Top BrandWatch’s Social Index Many would consider Burberry…

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Is the Definition of Luxury Changing?

I’ve been in the business of promoting luxury brands for over 30 years, so you’ll forgive me if I’m a little sceptical about any research that shows dramatic shifts in how consumers define the concept of luxury. But that’s exactly what the fourth annual Journey of the Luxury Consumer report from Albatross Global Solutions and Numberly is suggesting. That dramatic…

More 13 Oct, 2015

Social Media Update – YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter

Such is the world of social media that blink and you miss several significant developments. But fear not, 5 minutes of your time is all you need to bring you up to speed. Read on… Shopping Ads are Coming to YouTube YouTube are launching a new ad service which can turn any YouTube video into a sales opportunity for brands….

More 09 Oct, 2015

Is the Effectiveness of Promotions on the Wane?

Let’s be frank, we’re in a results business and when sales need fixing, it’s handy to be able to reach into our promotional toolboxes. But a recent article in Marketing Week suggested that those familiar promotional tools were starting to get decidedly blunt and ineffective. Is that really the case? To find out, we sought out the original research quoted…

More 09 Oct, 2015
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