Cinema Admissions at their Highest Levels Since 2002

UK cinema admissions for 2009 were at their highest level since 2002. Box office attendances have varied in the past 7 years dependent on the quality of films on offer, peaking in 2002 with 175.9m admissions and dipping to 156.6 in 2006. Last year, UK cinemas admitted 173.5m customers, 5.6% up on 2008.In advertising revenue terms, 2009 was a blockbuster year for cinema, the first billion £ year in history, with revenue hitting £1,054,351,645 – a year on year increase of 11%. This boom was driven by films such as Harry Potter, Twilight and Avatar. Although Avatar was only released in December, it has already broken records globally becoming the biggest film of all time taking $2.2 billion at global box office. In the UK, it has taken £83.3 million to date, beating Mamma Mia to make it the biggest ever film in the UK.Avatar signals another distinctive strength for the cinema experience that will continue to underwrite its performance until 3D TV is commonplace. There are 24 3D releases anticipated for 2010 compared with 15 in 2009.2010 looks set to match 2009 with similar admissions anticipated and a programme of films aimed to beat the recession blues with an affordable night out.

CinemaGraham Painter