Radio On the Rise

Commercial radio's share of total audience rose to 42.7 per cent in the second quarter of this year, a rise from 41.6 per cent on the last quarter, according to the latest set of Rajar figures. Overall, radio listening showed impressive gains with a record 46.3 million adults, (just over 90 per cent of adults in the UK) tuning in at least once a week in Q2 this year, up from 45.8 million in the previous quarter and 45.1 million in the same period last year.Global Radio had a 40.3 per cent share of the commercial radio market with a weekly audience of 19.06 million listeners. The UK’s biggest commercial radio group recorded a 17.2 per cent share of the total radio market, a rise on 16.9 in the previous quarter.Bauer Radio had a total audience of 12.65 million and a 10.7 per cent share, a rise on the 10.6 per cent recorded for the previous quarter.Meanwhile, DAB radio set ownership continued to rise, up by 22 per cent year on year, with 16.9 million adults claiming to live in a household with a DAB receiver.The share of radio listening via any digital platform rose 19 per cent on the same period last year and 5 per cent on the previous quarter, with 21.1 per cent of all radio listening via a digital platform, a rise from 17.9 per cent in the same period last year.One third of the UK’s adult population are now listening to radio via the internet and personalised online music services such as Spotify. However, 70% of ‘listen again listeners’ said the service had no impact on the amount of live radio that they listened to, with more than half of online radio listeners claiming to tune in to radio programmes that they did not previously listen to.