Bauer Targets Gen 'Y-Not' with LandScape Magazine

Bauer_Targets_Gen_Y-Not_with_LandScape_ MagazineBauer Media is launching a bi-monthly women's lifestyle magazine this week, LandScape - "Life at nature's pace" - which will create a new "seasonal category" on the newsstand.According to the publishers, the magazine's editorial content will be based around the growing seasons and will celebrate the joy of the garden, simple seasonal kitchen food, traditional British crafts and the wonder of nature and the countryside.The magazine is aimed at finding an audience among educated women, aged 35 and upwards, with an interest in the countryside and nature. This bears no surprise, especially after IPC's extensive research on generation ‘Y-Not’. This detailed study confidently stated that women between the ages of 40-60 have incredibly strong buying power and are the main influencers in all household decisions. The research confirmed that women in this target group are not the misperceived (by some), meek and mild housewives, but strong working women in top positions with a rather large disposable income - “Ignore them at your peril”.Launched on 18 April, it will have a print run of 170,000 and a cover price of £3.90. There will also be a website, most likely competitors for this title will be the likes of Country Living, Jamie (the vanity title published by Jamie Oliver), Coast and, with a little more flattery to LandScape on a numbers level at least, Easy Living and Good Housekeeping.Bauer has forged two partnerships for the launch, firstly with The Times. A 32-page sampler of LandScape was distributed with copies of the newspaper on Saturday 14 April. Secondly, the magazine is being supported by English Heritage, which will promote the launch issue among its 1m-plus members.