Home Interest & Travel Magazines ABC January - June 2014

Home interest titles show a continual decline in circulation, with the exception of Style at Home.ABC results for travel are marked by a widespread dip in circulation, with CN Traveller coming in first.Home InterestThe Consumer ABC report for January-June 2014 registers a downward trend for home interest publications, with nearly every title recording a decrease in its print circulation. The exception is Style at Home, whose year-on-year change came in at an impressive 10%. However, with a combined circulation of 107,590 it ranks relatively low on the list. Their rise in sales is aligned with the previous ABC report (Jul-Dec ’13), which registered a similar increase in circulation for DIY and home renovation titles.Home_Interest_ABC_Jan-Jun_14_ChartDespite minor negative year-on-year changes, Ideal Home and Country Living are top in circulation, with figures of 196,505 and 178,900, respectively. The titles held accountable for the biggest dips in readership are Elle Decoration, with a 15% year-on-year decrease, and Grand Designs, with a 14% drop. It’s no coincidence that the two titles lowest in circulation happen to be the highest for digital: Elle Decoration and Grand Designs jointly account for a third of home interest online sales. House Beautiful and World of Interiors both registered a -9% year-on-year change for both titles, followed by House & Garden with -7%.As evidenced by Elle Decoration and Grand Designs, as well as by the many men’s and women’s lifestyle titles, this term’s ABC report continues to show an unsurprising and recurring emphasis on digital. Other titles to show notable online figures include Living etc, with 3,653, and Country Living, with 2,503.TravelTravel_Magazine_ABC_Jan-Jun_14_ChartThis term’s ABC report for travel magazines shows a marked decline in circulation, with noted negative year-on-year changes for all titles.Conde Nast Traveller remains the nation’s leading luxury travel magazine, topping the Consumer ABC report for January-June 2014 with a combined circulation of 78,028. Despite a year-on-year decrease in print sales of 5%, the ABC results for CN Traveller record an increase of almost 4% in actively purchased copies, while digital sales have risen by 7% period on period.The leading title was ahead of its nearest competitor Lonely Planet Traveller by over 50k copies, despite edging CN Traveller’s online circulation by nearly twice as much, with a digital figure of 2,815. The growth in its digital sales helped to compensate for a noted dip in Lonely Planet Traveller’s print sales. The title’s year-on-year change came in as the biggest drop for travel, with a 12% decrease.The Sunday Times Travel magazine came in third, with a combined print and digital circulation of just over 59,000, recording a year-on-year change of -4%.