Latest ABC Figures: Women's, Men's, Bridal, Home Interest and Travel Magazines

Last week, we profiled the state of the women's, men's and home interest magazine sectors.Below are the full July to December 2011 ABC results for all key women's, men's, bridal, home interest and travel magazines. Enjoy!(if you're struggling to read these, you can download them here ABC Figures Jul- Dec 2011).Women's Lifestyle MagazinesH2_2011_ABCs_Womens_Lifestyle_MagazinesMen's Lifestyle MagazinesH2_2011_ABCs_Mens_Lifestyle_MagazinesBridal MagazinesH2_2011_ABCs_Bridal_MagazinesHome Interest MagazinesH2_2011_ABCs_Home _Interest_MagazinesTravel MagazinesH2_2011_ABCs_Travel_MagazinesWeekly MagazinesH2_2011_ABCs_Weekly_Magazines