Travel, Bridal & Home Interest Magazine ABCs: July to December 2012

TravelAll three titles in the Travel magazine sector have experienced a decrease in circulations in this ABC report. On average, they have decreased year on year (YoY) by 4.36% and by 6.08% on the last 6 month reporting period (PoP).Travel_Magazine_ABCs_July_December_2012_Chart1Conde Nast Traveller still holds the top spot as the highest circulating title in the sector. Print circulation has fallen by 2% PoP but their move to digital is doing particularly well - combined digital and print circulation is 80,138, equating to a very small increase of 0.1% YoY. A reason for this increase could be new editor Melinda Stevens joining the team in 2012 and bringing a different energy, humour and take of what defines the modern luxury traveller. Three new editors also join the team, Daisy Finer, Issy Von Simson and David Annand, tasked with introducing a more lifestyle focused editorial stance without sacrificing CNT’s unique view on the world of travel today. New monthly pages include men’s style, beauty & wellness, technology, fashion and lifestyle supplements surrounding themes such as holiday fashion, men’s style & insider destination knowledge.Sunday Times Travel declined for the first time since 2011.  For the past 6 years they have seen a fairly consistent incline in their circulation figures and these figures will come as something of a shock to their team. They have been biting at the heels of Conde Nast Traveller for the last couple of ABC reports and there was the chance that they might eventually overtake their rival but perhaps circulation has reached its ceiling at the mid-60,000 mark.Worth consideration is the ever growing presence and importance of the Telegraph’s Ultratravel magazine. The once quarterly publication has increased its frequency and through this its commercial opportunities. They are now working with clients on special sponsored editions, as with their October 2012 edition with Abercrombie & Kent which featured a celebratory piece for the travel company's 50th anniversary. This enables them to grow their edition frequency and therefore increase advertising income. The tight targeting of which Ultratravel allows also helps guarantee a quality audience which makes it an attractive advertising vehicle for many luxury brands.Overall we can summarise that the travel sector seems to be relatively stable for now but is clearly suffering from the same impact of the general decline in print circulations.BridalConde Nast Brides leads the Bridal Market for the 13th consecutive year - it's latest circulation figures being 20,000 copies ahead of competing publications. However, we don’t think it will be all celebrations at Conde Nast though as Brides has actually seen a dramatic 7.1% decline YoY, now taking them down to circulation of only 55,660. This is down a huge 19% since 2009 when they reached their peak circulation of 68,586. Their digital circulation is sitting at 1,029 - by no means equating to the loss in readers over the years.Bridal_Magazine_ABCs_July_December_2012_Chart1The ones who will be celebrating are the team at Burda’s Wedding magazine, which has seen an ABC increase of 0.5% on last year's figures which places them at the Number 2 position ahead of Immediate Media’s You & Your Wedding.You & Your Wedding’s move from Nat Mags to Immediate could be accountable for its recent decline as changes in editorial teams and staff has resulted in a slightly unstable period for the magazine which we hope will be rectified in the next ABC report as the publication finds its feet within its new home.The digital presence of magazines in the Bridal and Travel markets are a lot less when compared to other markets - perhaps because these industries are considered more indulgent and intermittent. People buying bridal magazines will also be likely to making scrapbook and mood boards for their wedding inspiration and therefore want a tangible magazine to work with.Despite You & Your Wedding’s decline in print they are still the strongest bridal multi-channel offering with a wealth of information available to its vast number of website users which should also aid their future improvement in print circulation.Home InterestIt was another glum period for the Home Interest consumer magazine market as it posted a decrease of 2.2% year on year, making it the fourth year running they have experienced a decline. Unfortunately it continues to be down to the ever suffering property market in our ‘double-dip’ recession with home moves still well down on pre-recession levels.Home_Interest_Magazine_ABCs_July_December_2012_Chart1Though down 1.4% period on period (PoP) and 2.5% YoY, Ideal Home retained its top spot, followed by Country Living which also experienced both PoP and YoY losses, down 1.1% and 1.8% respectively.The main exception to the rule however was Style at Home which yet again was the stand-out performer in the ABCs. The magazine has enjoyed a positive 22.5% YoY increase in sales, taking its total to nearly 88,000 copies. The budget-centric title provides affordable shopping and decorating ideas and easy makes that are big on inspiration yet achievable on an everyday budget. It's clearly captured the mood of the austerity-era home owner.Collectively digital in this sector has performed relatively well. The majority of home interest publications are encouraging their digital presence and increases are likely PoP. Elle Decoration performed the best in this sector with digital circulation of 5,358 - double the circulation of its nearest competitor, perhaps because its readers are slightly younger than those of its rivals.