5 Facts About Tablets Every Marketer Needs to Know

A quick glance at any website's analytics will show PCs are in decline and mobile devices are on the rise. And a large part of the reason for this rise is the phenomenal growth of tablet use in the UK. It's hard to believe that it was only 4 years ago that the iPad was launched.Now, every marketer needs to be on top of the latest tablet trends because these versatile mobile devices are playing such a large and growing role in the purchase process. And with a slew of tablet related stats being released in the last few weeks, we thought now was the best time to bring you up to speed:1. The Proportion of Adults Who Used a Tablet to Go Online in 2013 was 30%That's according to the most recent figures released by Ofcom. It's important to note that the 30% figure is for usage, rather than ownership. It will include those that use other's tablets to go online - for example, members of a family or work colleagues who share a tablet.The most interesting thing about Ofcom's stats is the rate of growth of tablet usage. It's up from 16% in 2012 - almost doubling in just 12 months.But what about the future? Will tablet usage continue to grow at this phenomenal rate?2. 41.1% of the UK Population Will Use a Tablet at Least Once a Month in 2014That's the latest prediction from emarketer and puts the UK ahead of all the other big economies in Europe. By 2016, emarketer predicts that 1/2 of the overall UK population (and 2/3s of internet users) will have access to tablets.So who's using tablets the most?3. Tablet Usage is Highest Amongst the 35-44 Age GroupAccording to Ofcom, 44% of 35-44 year-olds use tablets, followed by those aged 25-34 (37%), 16-24 (35%), 45-54 (34%), 55-64 (20%) and 65-74 (17%).Smartphone adoption is highest amongst younger age groups, so the fact that 35-44s lead in tablet adoption reflects the premium nature of tablets, and perhaps the fact that they're more of a 'nice to have' rather than 'must have' like a smartphone.The other thing that leaps out to us about these stats are the high levels of usage amongst older age groups. There's little drop between 35-44s and 45-54s and almost a 1/5 of 65-74 year olds are using them - a more than 3-fold increase in the last year.Finally, it's worth noting the premium nature of the tablet audience. Ofcom's stats show higher usage amongst ABs and our own Strawpoll research into the UK's highest spending fashion shoppers shows tablet usage close to 50%.So tablet use is broadly popular, but which tablets are people using?4. This Year for the First Time, The Majority of UK Tablet Users Won't Be Using an iPadAccording to emarketer, the growth in iPad usage - which grew a remarkable 125% in 2012 - will slow to a crawl.It's still the dominant tablet - emarketer predicts that iPad users will make up 49% of the UK tablet audience in 2014 - but it's market share will slowly decline as other tablets, such as Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire, grow in popularity.So what are people using their tablets for?5. Tablets Share of Video Viewing (By Device) Was 18% in Q3 2013According to figures released by Decipher at the end of last year, almost 1/5 of all online videos are viewed on tablets - that's a 3-fold increase in one year. Most of this growth has come at the expense of PCs (down from 63% to 39% in the same period) and puts tablets just behind smartphones (at 23%).If you're using online video advertising or viral video as part of your mix, the likelihood that your video is going to be viewed on a tablet is high, and growing rapidly. What are the learnings from these stats? Well, for us it's not enough to have a mobile strategy, you need to have a smartphone strategy and a tablet strategy. And that tablet strategy can no longer be for iPad only - it needs to take account of the rise of smaller, Android tablets too.This applies to premium and luxury brands in particular. We've seen great success when running campaigns purely on tablets because wealthier consumers are more likely to be using them, and because their ultra high resolution screens are a great showcase for premium products.So if tablets haven't been at the forefront of your plans to date, then we'd suggest now is the time to put them there.

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