5 Mobile Marketing Facts You Need to Know

5_Mobile_Marketing_Facts_You_Need_to_KnowIf there’s one channel that's dominating our clients' thinking  at the moment, it’s mobile.Mobile marketing may or may not be a forefront of your thinking, but it should be. If you're not convinced, or there are others in your organisation that you need to convince, we've compiled our 5 'must know' facts about mobile marketing which we think make a compelling case:1. 54% of UK consumers own a smartphoneIt's a fact that there are now more consumers in the UK market with smartphones than those without them - the tipping point has been reached.  Compare that with just 27% who owned one in March 2011 (Ofcom) and you can see that penetration has doubled in one year. And that pace of adoption shows no signs of letting up.2. 91% of smartphone owners have their phones within reach 24/7According to a Morgan Stanley study in 2011, the vast majority of smartphone owners have the phone within reach all of the time.  There is no other marketing channel - offline or online - which gives marketers such broad and such constant access to their target market.3. 90% of all mobile searches lead to action.Clearly, any sort of search activity demonstrates intent on behalf of the consumer, but mobile searches demonstrate a more immediate intent than those which take place on a PC.  70% of mobile searches lead to action within 1 hour – that compares to 70% of online searches that lead to action within 1 month.Consumers searching on mobile have an appetite to find out about your products and services now, and will probably swiftly move on to other actions such as purchase. Hence, investing in mobile marketing can deliver excellent, and fast, RoI.4. 61% of mobile searches and 52% of mobile ads views  lead to phone calls.Unsurprisingly perhaps, given the primary purpose of smartphones, mobile marketing is an exceptionally good way of generating phone calls.  And phone calls are an action that retailers should be encouraging - conversion rates are 10 times higher on the phone than they are from a visit to a landing page.5. 72% of UK smartphone owners have purchased on their mobileNot only have nearly 3/4 of smartphone owners purchased on their mobile but the value of what they’re purchasing on their phones is growing at a rapid rate too – up 254% year on year. Mobile commerce isn’t something that’s coming in the future – it’s already here.In revenue terms at least, the impact of mobile commerce may be small at present. That may convince premium and luxury brand marketers that they can leave mobile investment for another year and see how things develop.  But we believe such an approach would be flawed.Firstly, the sooner brands invest the sooner they know what works for them and what doesn't. Secondly, there is a cost benefit of getting into mobile now - current interaction rates on mobile are very high so relative efficiency is greater and we expect this to level out over time.  And finally, this channel is growing at such a rapid rate that premium and luxury brands that don't start investing effort into the mobile space right now are going to be swept away as the market grows exponentially in the next 12 months.

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