Latest Newspapers’ ABCes – The Guardian is back on top

The Guardian online has regained its top spot in the September Newspapers’ ABCes after three consecutive months of the Mail dominating the number one position.    The Guardian was the most visited site in September with 32.2 million global unique users and 11.9 million UK unique users.  The Telegraph sits in second place with an increase of 36% in global unique users to 31 million and 9 million UK.However, most significantly the Times online suffered a drop of 8.4% year on year to 18.5 million global unique users providing a challenge for the paid for models success.  It is possible the paid for model will launch before the end of 2009 making the Times ABCes interesting to watch.There is speculation it will change again for the October ABCes with the celebrity news on Stephen Gately and X Factor contributing to the Mail’s traffic and pushing them to the fore again.