How to Maximise Response to Your Online Advertising Campaign

We've written before on the impact that online advertising can have on brand metrics such as brand preference and likelihood to purchase.

But sometimes you need your online advertising to deliver purchasers to your site quickly and efficiently.   So what's the best way to optimise your campaign to achieve this? According to a recent study from digital advertising solutions company MediaMind, the answer is simple - rich media.

A rich media creative is any form of online advertising that responds to a user's actions. That would be ads that include video, sound or games or the fact the ad can expand to a larger format, as compared to the standard banner for which the only interactivity is the user's click to the destination URL.

Rich media has been proven to increase user engagement, including higher dwell rates (proportion of users interacting with an ad) and dwell times (amount of time that users spend interacting with an ad).  But this latest study, analysing over 12 billion ad impressions across 24,000 creatives, shows that it has a dramatic impact on response too.

Post impressions visits - those visits that occur after the ad has been viewed but not as a result of a direct click on the add - were found to be almost twice as high for rich media ads as there were for standard banner ads.

And the results for direct ad clicks were even more stark - 4 times higher for rich media ads than for standard banner ads.In total, across direct clicks and post impression visits, rich media ads delivered 3 times more site visits than standard banners.

And the most effective form of rich media? Video, which delivered 9 times more direct clicks, 1.9 times more post impression clicks  and 6 times more site visits in total than standard banner advertising.


So the study suggest that rich media is not only having a positive impact on brand metrics, but also the best choice when it comes to driving direct reponse too, when some might espouse the simple banner as a more effective creative device for this type of message. And video boosts the direct response effectiveness of rich media creative formats even further.

We've argued that video is the future of online marketing in previous articles as an investment in 'on site' video can help to significantly boost site conversion and basket size. It also appears that video can be highly effective in driving those buyers to your site in the first place.

However, we must sound a note of caution.  In our experience rich media quite rightly can make or break a campaign from a number of perspectives but only if the creative is strong. It seems obvious, but this is often forgotten in the dash to get a campaign live and digital creative slips down the list of priorities.

Our findings support MediaMind's in that video definitely helps too. However, it also needs to be considered in a digital context to make the most of the ad spend - repurposing a TV ad is a very blinkered approach.

As digital spends increase, we should start to see more and more pre-testing of rich media creative. This won't always be possible from a timing or budget perspective but marketeers and agencies alike should be taking much more time to critique and improve digital creative before it goes live, not just post launch.  Only then will the full direct response potential of rich media advertising be felt.

Online Displayadmin