ShortList Launches MODE and Emerald Street

Brand extensions are big business to the magazine market, and 2011 sees another two more titles added to the list of publications set to expand their offering.Since their conception back in 2007, ShortList Media ,the publishers of ShortList and more latterly Stylist, have taken the weekly free market by storm.  ShortList aims to cement its position as the biggest-circulating men's lifestyle magazine in Britain when it launches its bi-monthly glossy fashion standalone MODE on the 8th March.Edited by ShortList’s Style Director, Adrian Clark, the launch issue is set to cash in on this years 70’s renaissance, leading with features on American Gigolo and celebrity icons, with the fundamental fashion and grooming content running throughout.  The male focused replication of Stylist’s biannual fashion issue, aims to position itself away from the weekly magazine’s more mainstream content, thus attracting the premium fashion, accessories and lifestyle brands its content aims to deliver on.  Circulation has been limited to a print run of 275,000 copies, which are still hand distributed, piloting across the UK in the main fashion hubs of London, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow but focusing on the more affluent AB areas in each city.  In London for the first time the publisher has access to the coveted Canary Wharf audience, where distribution is known to be limited due to the licensing restrictions.ShortList are asking for a leap of faith from a sector who are known for their cautiousness in media selection.  Whilst we have no doubt the title will grow on the success of the last 4 years trading many of the luxury advertisers they covet will, we’re sure, be holding off until the second issue!Not to be left behind by the expansion to the male market, Stylist are, in April, due to release their newly named daily email service - Emerald Street.  Although this will be very similar to the Daily Candy email offering, there is definitely room in the market for a fresher version.ShortList_Launches_Emerald_StreetEmerald Street’s name is taken from the road the Stylist offices reside on and takes the format of a daily email aimed at women 18-35.  Bespoke content ranges from timely fashion and beauty to work advice and current affairs, and aims to deliver a page of the magazine into your inbox every day Monday-Friday, although users can opt for less frequent sign ups.The most interesting email for advertisers looking to pair up with Emerald Street is the weekend guide, which is sent out on a Thursday. Thursday usually sees the highest open / response rates for the likes of existing daily email brands like Daily Candy and Urban Junkies, so this is a sensible day to push product specific content which has the ability to  link through to partners’ ecommerce sites.Advertising opportunities include display ads, advertorials and dedicated emails. These can be targeted by location, demographic, interest and previous behaviour (interactions with previous emails), meaning brands can minimise wastage and be very specific with their messaging, offering retailers a platform to regionalise messaging, which as yet is not possible in the sister print title.With an existing subscriber base of 25,000, Emerald Street have predicted an optimistic growth to 120,000+ in the first 6 months, which will put them above their main competitors, Daily Candy (93,800 subs) and Urban Junkies (44,000 subs). Naturally, magazine sites such as Marie Claire and Elle have a much higher subscriber databases (500,000 and 180,000 respectively), however advertising opportunities here tend to be more expensive in terms of CPM rate (cost per thousand subscribers).