Why Premium & Luxury Marketers Need to Reassess Out of Home

CHINA-ECONOMYThose premium and luxury marketers that have rejected out of home advertising on the basis that it doesn't target their desired customer demographic tightly enough may want to think again.  That's because the out of home industry is about to be transformed by a wholly new measurement system - Route.More than 3 years in the making, Route is a people-focused way of measuring outdoor effectiveness and will be replacing the existing Postar system.The data at the core of the new system is 19 billion records created by 28,000 people who each carried a GPS meter for 9 days. 3.5m journeys were tracked, measuring traffic near 450,000 outdoor advertising sites to reveal unparallel insight into who travels where, when, how and at what speed.The study also sought to understand issues such as  the visibility of outdoor ads - for example, how visible are bus sides to people in cars vs. those on the pavement. It also pulled in data from external sources such as Transport for London and the Department of Transport. Algorithms were then used to calculate the probability of each respondent being exposed to any advertising site for any period of up to one year.Some of the headline insights revealed by Route are of dubious value for advertisers - although it's interesting to know that 50-54 year olds travel on average 5kmph faster than 15-17 years olds or that Londoners travel 25% slower than Glaswegians, these are insights that fit firmly under the 'Pub Facts' category rather than 'Useful Marketing Insights' one.However, the fact that the average British consumer encounters 40 outdoor ads every day, and the average London commuter a staggering 74 just on the way into work is genuinely insightful. It highlights the need for stand out creative but also for what Route promises to offer - precise targeting of audiences.Imagine you're trying to target 35-55 year old business men with a digital outdoor campaign. Your assumption would be that the most efficient time to reach them is on the morning or evening commute, and Route confirms that. But you may not know that the next most efficient time to reach them is between 4 and 7pm on weekends - a genuinely new insight that Route deliversAnd that's why Route will cause premium and luxury marketers to re-assess their attitude to out of home advertising because it promises more precise targeting. So campaigns can still be planned on standard factors such as age and gender, but on new factors as well such as lifestyle, leisure habits, education and, most importantly for luxury advertisers, wealth.This micro targeting won't substitute for the need for standout creative but it will mean that if your target consumer is going to see 74 ads on their commute into work, they'll be a greater chance that a larger proportion of them will be yours.

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