Twitter Launches 2 Products To Broaden their Appeal to Advertisers

Twitter-Amplify-Links-the-Action-on-the-TV-Screen-with-What-You-See-in-a-TweetTwitter is the natural social bedfellow for TV.  Social media monitoring service Crimson Hexagon have reported that 95% of online public conversation around TV currently happens on Twitter. No wonder there's such a profusion of hashtags on TV programmes and ads.So if Twitter is going to grow its revenues - which it has to do considering a flotation is expected in the next year or so - it makes sense to offer new products focused on this almost symbiotic relationship between this very new medium and this very old one. And that's exactly what Twitter have done.The first innovation - announced last week - is the introduction of TV ad targeting. It works like this.Firstly, Twitter monitors where and when ads are being delivered. This monitoring requires no input from the advertiser or their agency - it uses video fingerprinting technology developed by Bluefin Labs, a company Twitter acquired in February.Secondly, Twitter monitors tweets about that ad and the programming that the ad was delivered in.These 2 sources of information are fed into a dashboard available to the advertiser and/or their agency, who can use the information to intelligently craft and target promoted tweets.  The platform enables advertisers to identify those on Twitter who have seen their ads and to engage with those viewers to either start conversations or amplify those that are already happening. The output could be some valuable word of mouth, or even some specific requests for more information using tools like lead generation cards, which Twitter unveiled earlier this week. At present the service is available to only a small number of national TV advertisers in the US.TV ad targeting is a clever way of making second screen marketing both highly targeted and engaging, but it's a service which will only appeal to big, national TV advertisers.  The second new product that Twitter announced last week has the potential to have broader appeal.It's called Twitter Amplify and it's designed to allow both media partners to promote their programming and advertisers to piggy back on that promotion to target the followers of those media.Amplify allows media companies to promote short video clips to their followers. For example, ESPN used the service to deliver highlights clips from college basketball games. These clips are accompanied by 'micro' pre roll or post roll ads from advertisers.From the standpoint of media owners, Amplify gives them a tool to inspire their followers to tune in, plus opens up a new revenue stream for them. For advertisers, it's a means of targeting those media owners' followers - and if the right media owner and the right programming is selected, those ads can be highly targeted and relevant.In keeping with Twitter's own video product, Vine, the pre roll/post roll slots available are short format.  Although we think the Amplify will primarily appeal to existing TV advertisers as a means to increase reach and frequency, we also think it has potential appeal to non-TV advertisers too.The format should keep productions costs down - in fact, a 'made for Amplify' spot would arguably be more effective than a modified 30 second one - and the service could be a highly effective way to serve video advertising and then start conversations with those that engage with and respond to it.Amplify is presently available only in the US on a selection of media channels which include Bloomberg TV, Discovery, Vevo and Warner Music Group.  We expect it to be rolled out globally soon.