Running a co-branded digital campaign with The Watch Gallery & Cartier

Dream Fulfilment

Bringing together the dream, Cartier watches, and the fulfilment of that dream, The Watch Gallery, was the central idea behind this pioneering concept in co-branded watch promotion. The challenge for us was to create a digital campaign which precisely balanced the needs of both parties.

We worked collaboratively with The Watch Gallery and Cartier teams to carefully craft a creative execution. Formats were chosen that gave both brands the opportunity to shine, whilst delivering the optimum frequency and reach amongst our target audiences.

The media plan struck a similar balance. The inclusion of Wallpaper fulfilled Cartier’s desire to explore fresh territory and underline their impeccable design credentials, whilst the balance of the plan reflected The Watch Gallery’s desire to build on the successes of previous campaigns through us.

The results demonstrated it is possible to find the perfect blend of dream and fulfilment. CTRs were strong, as was subsequent dwell time on The Watch Gallery site.  And the proportion of new visitors indicated that both brands attained their goal of exposure to new audiences.

Cream London