Doubling campaign ROI for Arlo and Jacob


Analytical Acquisition.

To cost effectively find new customers for handmade furniture specialist Arlo & Jacob, we first had to identify their existing ones. We built our ‘lookalike’ using information from 30 different data providers. But even that level of precision wasn’t enough to guarantee success – the model had to be tested and continually optimised.

We used paid social on Facebook and programmatic display as our channels, and a smart pixel planted on the A&J site to provide relevant results data.  This allowed us to refine our lookalikes to discover which characteristics were key, and which delivery mechanisms and creative treatments worked best with our refined customer profile.

The results more than justified our analytical approach.  Not only did the volume of swatch requests increase, the cost per request fell by two thirds.  As a result, campaign return on investment more than doubled

Two customers for the price of one – what luxury brand wouldn’t be happy with that equation?

Cream London