Finding lookalike audiences to grow the Kiki McDonough customer base

Finding Lookalikes

The most efficient way to grow your business? Find new prospects that match the profile of your existing customers. Simple. Except in practice, it’s a process that requires meticulous attention to detail.

For Kiki, we gathered the information we needed by placing a smart pixel on their site. We then enriched this core profile using data from numerous third party sources. This enabled us to tightly define their existing audience and select the media partners that would enable us to grow it.

A multifaceted campaign was created with our chosen partner, Harper’s Bazaar. We used native content – a guide to accessorizing Kiki’s striking jewellery for women who had not previously worn coloured gemstones – to overcome a key barrier to purchase.  Native banners and a fashion channel takeover converted the interest generated into intent.

The two elements complemented each other beautifully. Our native article – a collaboration with the Harper’s editorial team – delivered a staggering dwell time of 9 minutes, many times the industry norm.  The banner activity achieved a CTR 8 times the industry average and created a healthy spike in web traffic for the duration of the campaign.

Right audience, right media, right message. Simple. Except in practice, it’s anything but.

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